UMR1313 GABI - Animal Genetics and Integrative Biology

Joint INRAE AgroParisTech Unit

Comprendre et exploiter la variabilité génétique des animaux.

The scientific orientations of GABI aim to understand and exploit the genetic variability of animals to analyze the construction of phenotypes, interactions with microbial ecosystems and the environment at large, in a context of agroecological transition.

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Quantitative, molecular and population genetics; functional genomics; biostatistics; bioinformatics; fundamental biology; experiments on model and farm animals; mouse transgenesis; immunophenotyping; study of microbiomes and their metagenomes; integrative approaches for studying multi-level and multi-scale data.



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01 December 2023

Redaction: PH

A new method for detecting and quantifying the transgenerational transmission of environmental effects to help animals adapt to tomorrow's farming conditions

In a study published in Genetic Selection Evolution, researchers from the BIGE team (Génétique Animale et Biologie Intégrative - GABI, INRAE/AgroParisTech/UPSaclay, Jouy-en-Josas) have proposed a new model identifying the transmission of environmental effects based on the analysis of phenotypes and pedigrees.
GABI: Animal Genetics and Integrative Biology unit

17 November 2023

Redaction: INRAE - Edition P. Huan

Creation of the Pangenome Bovin Consortium

The construction of a single reference genomic sequence for each species has made a major contribution to the analysis of the genome, its diversity and its functioning. But it gives an incomplete representation of the diversity of genomes within a species. By making it possible to produce longer sequence fragments, new sequencing technologies will enable us to go even further in our knowledge of the genomes of each species. INRAE researchers are taking part in the "Bovine Pangenome Consortium", a large-scale international collaboration whose aim is to produce a pangenome, i.e. a large set of high-quality, interconnected genomes, making it possible to describe the full genomic diversity of the species. The consortium's full objectives are described in an article published in the journal Genome Biology.
Published ahead of schedule on July 6, an article co-authored by researchers from UMR GABI, Eliance, UMR GenPhySE, Genotoul and Idele on the detection and characterization of interchromosomal rearrangements in cattle has had the honor of illustrating the cover of the issue of the scientific journal Genome Research in which it was published. The journal's editors decided to accept Jeanlin Jourdain's proposal!
On July 13, the LABEO Frank Duncombe Laboratory and INRAE in Caen signed a framework partnership agreement for research on equine genetics and health, and more generally on animal health and the environment. The Integrative Biology and Equine Genetics team (UMR GABI, INRAE Jouy) will develop its research projects within this framework, notably on equine influenza, genomic selection and "coup de sang" (myopathy) in racehorses. This collaboration will take on an international dimension from May 12 to 15, 2024, when the two laboratories will organize the 14th International Havemeyer Horse Genome Workshop, bringing together some 100 scientists at the Château de Caen.
The aim of this recently published work was to document the contribution of epigenetics to animal health and longevity.

Founding member of Sciences Animales Paris-Saclay 


SAPS is a research group dedicated to animal biology and health, with close links to livestock farming. SAPS members (INRAE, AgroParisTech, CNRS, ENVA, ANSES) are rooted in the Université Paris-Saclay, notably in the Biosphera and Life Science and Health Graduate Schools, and also in the Université Paris-Est Créteil (UPEC) through its partnerships with ENVA and ANSES.  + SAPS - Sciences Animales Paris-Saclay

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The GABI unit is a member of Carnot France Futur Élevage: the Carnot-accredited network dedicated to the livestock industry. Carnot France Futur Élevage is a network of academic research laboratories and agricultural technical institutes dedicated to promoting R&D collaboration and innovation transfer within the livestock industry. + France Futur Élevage