Experimental units

This system of INRAE-specific experimental units hosts numerous genetic resources to conduct various interdisciplinary research programs

Different lines and genotypes are selected, maintained and characterized within these experimental units specialized in animal production and phenotyping.

UE1295 PEAT, Pôle d'Expérimentation Avicole de Tours, INRAE Nouzilly, 37

  • Species: Laying hens, broilers, quails, turkeys, guinea fowl, ducks (Barbary and Peking), pheasants...

UE0326 DEP, Domaine Expérimental du Pin, Le Pin au Haras, 61

  • Species: dairy cattle (Holstein and Normandy), Charolais cows

UE0937 PEIMA, Pisciculture Expérimentale INRA des Monts d'Arrée (Sizun, 29)

  • Species: Rainbow trout, Fario

IFREMER (Palavas les Flots, 34)

  • Species: Sea bass

UE0907 IERP, Infectiologie Expérimentale des Rongeurs et Poissons (Jouy-en-Josas)

  • Species: Rodents and Fish

UE1297 PAO Unité Expérimentale de Physiologie Animale de l'Orfrasière (Nouzilly, 37)

  • Species: Equine farming

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