PhD defenses

PhD defenses since 2005


Alexandre Lecoeur: “Combined effect of genetics and gut microbiota on vaccine response and welfare in hens.” Defense April 30. Direction M.H. Pinard-Van der Laan, F. Calenge


Alicia Jacques: "Introducing genetic diversity into animal populations from cryopreserved collections." Defense December 20. Supervisors: M. Tixier-Boichard, G. Restoux

Henri Lagarde : "Better understanding the components of resistance to acute hyperthermia and hypoxia in rainbow trout, for breeding purposes." Defense November 30. Supervised by Mathilde Dupont-Nivet and Delphine Lallias.

Laure-Hélène Maugan: "Développement et intérêt d'une évaluation génétique et génomique combinée en bovins laitiers", Defense June 27. Supervised by Vincent Ducrocq

Elitsa Ivanova: "The mammary gland: Role of SOCS2 in its development and impact of inflammation during successive lactations", Defense March 14. Direction Fabienne Le Provost


Katy Paul: "Evolution of genetic diversity in domesticated populations of rainbow trout". Defense December 22. Direction F. Phocas (GABI-GENAQUA)
Antoine Leduc: "Recherche, chez la vache laitière, de biomarqueurs du déficit énergétique dans le lait". Defense December 9. Direction M. Boutinaud - F. Le Provost (GABI-GALAC)
Fanny Mollandin : "Integration of functional annotations in Bayesian genomic prediction models". Defense September 28. Supervised by Andrea RAU (GABI - GIBBS) and Pascal Croiseau (GABI - G2B).
Valentin Costes: "Identification of biomarkers of seed quality, statistical modeling and biological hypotheses" Defense on June 24. Supervised by Hélène Kiefer (BREED), Florence Jaffrézic (GABI).


Ronan Griot: "Development of genomic selection tools and methods for sea bass and sea bream." Defense March 30. Supervised by Marc Vandeputte, François Allal, Sophie Brard-fudulea.
Céline Bourdon: "Recherche d'associations entre microARNs, variants génétiques et QTL laitiers chez les bovins, caprins et ovins." Defense March 15. Direction Fabienne Le Provost, Gwenola Tosser-Klopp


Jonathan d'Ambrosio: "The interest and optimization of genomic selection in rainbow trout." Defense December 17. Direction Florence Phocas
Lidia Chavinskaia: "The global cow. Quantitative genetics in the globalization of bovine selection." Defense December 16. Direction Pierre-Benoît Joly, Vincent Ducrocq
Anna-Charlotte Doublet: "La diversité génétique à l'ère de la génomique : évolution de la consanguinité et ses conséquences dans trois races bovines laitières françaises." Defense December 10. Direction Denis Laloë
Gwendoline David: "Spatio-temporal structuring of microbial communities in freshwater ecosystems."  Defense December 9. Ecology, Systematics and Evolution Laboratory. Co-supervised by Elisa Thébault and Gwendal Restoux.
Audrey Hulot: "Analysis of -omic data: clustering and network inference." Defense November 26. Direction : Henri-Jean Garchon, Florence Jaffrezic.
Sébastien Taussat: "Etude du déterminisme génétique de l'efficience alimentaire en bovins allaitants en vue d'une prise en compte dans les évaluations génomiques bovine." Defense June 26. Supervised by Gilles Renand (INRAE) and Sébastien Fritz (Allice).
Clémentine Escouflaire: "Detection in cattle of genetic polymorphisms in the mitochondrial genome and sex chromosomes and characterization of their effects on production, reproduction and health traits." Defense June 16. Supervisor: Hélène Hayes
Francesca Massacci: "An integrative approach to the study of the impact of antibiotics on pig gut microbiota and their alternatives for the prevention of pig production-related diseases." Defense March 17. Direction: Claire Rogel-Gaillard, Paolo Trevisi.
Marie Berodier: "On-farm use of genotyping data for optimized and sustainable dairy farm management." Defense January 30 AgroParisTech, Paris 5e. Direction Vincent Ducrocq (dissertation).


Louise Helary : "In vivo validation of the implication of new genes in mammalian muscle development." Defended December 19, INRA Jouy-en-Josas. Advisors: Amandine Duchesne (INRA-GABI) and Véronique Blanquet (University of Limoges, Pereine Laboratory). 
Mohammed Mesbah Uddin : "Identification of causal factors for recessive lethals in dairy cattle with special focus on large chromosomal deletions." Defended September 17th, Aarhus University, Danemark. Direction Just Jensen. Advisors: Goutam Sahana and Bernt Guldbrandtsen (Aarhus), Didier Boichard and Aurélien Capitan (GABI)
Marie-Pierre Sanchez :"Genetic analysis of the protein composition and cheese-making properties of cow's milk predicted from the mid-infrared spectra", Defended May 15th, AgroParisTech. Advisor: Didier Boichard.


Thérèse Callet: "Identification of functions involved in the capacities of different rainbow trout genotypes (Oncorhynchus mykiss) to survive and grow with exclusively plant-based food." Defended January 22, AgroParisTech. Advisors: M. Dupont-Nivet, F. Médale.
Gilles Monneret: "The inference of causal networks from interventional data". Defended on February 15th, University Pierre and Marie Curie, Jussieu. Advisors: G. Nuel, F. Jaffrézic, A. Rau.
Sonia Eynard: "Using genomic information to conserve genetic diversity of livestock." Defended February 23, WUR.  Advisors: M. Calus, E. Verrier, D. Laloe, G. Restoux
Doreen Schwochow-Thalman: "Molecular identification of colour pattern genes in birds." Defended on March 4, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science, Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics, Uppsala, Sweden. Direction L. Andersson (SLU), M. Tixier-Boichard (INRA), B. James Dorshorst (Virginia Tech, USA), B. Bed’Hom (INRA)
Mathieu Tiret: "Multilocus approach of the genome in population genetics models." Defended on March 8, AgroParisTech Paris. Advisor: F. Hospital
ShiZhi Wang :"International breeding programs to improve health in pedigree dogs." Defended on June 15, AgroParisTech Paris. Advisors: D. Laloë, G. Leroy
Jean-Noël Hubert: "Applied population genomics: detection of signatures of selection in experimental populations", Defended on June 21, AgroParisTech Paris-Maine, Advisor: F. Hospital
Alma Ryskaliyeva :"Exploring the fine composition of Camelus milk from Kazakhstan with emphasis on protein components." Defended July 12, AgroParisTech. Advisor: P. Martin
Andrew Marete: "Use of large-scale cow genotyping to dissect dairy complex traits beyond additive effects." Defended on October 19, AgroParisTech, Advisors: D. Boichard, M. Sando Lund.
Gabriel Guillocheau: "STudy of polymorphisms modifying gene expression regulation in cattle."Defended on December 19, AgroParisTech, Advisor D. Rocha.
Clémence Fraslin: "Genetic bases of response to infection by Flavobacterium psychrophilum in the rainbow trout: an experimental approach and perspectives for selection." Defended on December 20, AgroParisTech, Advisor: E. Quillet   


Mathieu Besson: "Matching breeding goals with farming systems to enhance the sustainability of fish farming". Defended on January 27, Wageningen University, Advisors: IJM (Imke) de Boer, J (Hans) Komen, Co-advisor: M. Vandeputte. (dissertation)
Parsaoran Silalalhi : "Experimental evaluation of the effects of selection on Large White pig populations." Defended February 28, AgroParisTech. Advisor: Jean-Pierre Bidanel. (dissertation)
Pauline Michot (Cifre Allice) :"Use of complete genome sequences for the identification of deleterious mutations that cause recessive genetic abnormalities in cattle".  Defeneded March 29, AgroParisTech. Advisors: D. Boichard, A. Capitan
Iola Croué: "Genetic and genomic evaluation of new traits in diary cattle." Defended on November 14, AgroParisTech. Advisor: V. Ducrocq. (dissertation)
Zih-Hua Fang : The genetic background of bovine αs1- and αs2-casein phosphorylation". Defened on December 15, AgroParisTech. Advisors: P.Martin, M.Visker (WU) (dissertation)
Tatiana Maroilley : "Genetics and genomics for immune capacity in pigs: an eQTL approach and the search for blood biomarkers". Defended on December 21, INRA IDF-Jouy-en-Josas. Advisor: C. Rogel-Gaillard (dissertation)
Ching-Yi Lien: "QTL Mapping for Production Traits in a Cross between Taiwan Country Chicken and an Experimental Line of Rhode Island Red Layers”. Defended December 20 at Taichung. Advisors: M. Tixier-Boichard, Chen Chih-Feng, University nationale Chung Hsing of Taiwan (NCHU).                                                                                                


Belén Jiménez Mena: "Estimation of the effective population size (Ne) and its application in the management of small populations", Defended January 21, AgroParisTech, Advisors: Frédéric Hospital (Inra), Thomas Bataillon (AU)
Alexis Michenet: "QTL detection and genomic selection of maternal performance of suckling cows", Defended on October 14, AgroParisTech, Advisor: Florence Phocas
Dávid Jónás: "Evaluation of the performances of genomic selection methods based on haplotypes and the interest of these approaches in a multibreed context." Defended December 12, Inra Jouy en Josas. Advisors: P. Croiseau, V. Ducrocq.


Lenha MOBUCHON: "The impact of microRNA on lactation and their nutritional regulation in the mammary gland", Defended December 16 Décembre, Inra de Jouy-en-Josas, Advisor: Christine Leroux
Mélina GALLOPIN: "Classification and inference of gene networks on RNA-seq data", defended December 9, Faculté des sciences d'Orsay, Advisors: F.Jaffrezic, G.Celeux (dissertation)
Edin HAMZIC: "Genetics of mechanisms controlling responses to two major pathogens in broiler and layer chickens", Defended on December 8, 2015,  AgroParisTech, Advisors: MH. Pinard-van der Laan, B.Bed'Hom, H.Juul-Madsen (U.Aarhus)
Sophie BRARD: "What theoretical and practical framework for the use of genomic selection in genetic improvement of horses?", Defended on October 8, 2015, Inra Castanet-Tolosan, Advisor: A. Ricard (abstract)
Charlotte DEZETTER: "Évaluation of the cross-breeding between dairy cattle breeds", defended on October 6, 2015, Advisor: Henri Seegers, INRA Angers-Nantes 
Irene VAN DEN BERG : "The Use of whole genome sequence data for genomic selection dairy cattle" Defended on September 7, AgroParisTech Paris, Advisors: Didier Boichard & M.Lund (DK)
Nada MAHJOUB : "Functional genomics of the pseudorabies virus in the pig: a model for host-pathogen studies" defended on May 13, INRA Jouy en Josas, Advisor: Elisabetta Giuffra (abstract)


Chris HOZE : "Dévelopmentof multibreed genomic evaluations in dairy cattle" Defended on June 19, AgroParisTech Paris, Advisor: Vincent Ducrocq
Cathy HUE-BEAUVAIS : "Critical periods for the growth and the mammary deveopment with an obesogenic food supply, in rabbit and mouse models: implication of leptin", defended on December 16, INRA Jouy-en-Josas, Advisor: Eve Devinoy
Vincent JACQUIER: "Genomic approaches for interactions between implantation of digesta microbiota in young rabbits and maturation of the immune system" defended on December 11, 2014 at INPT Toulouse, INPT , advisors: Thierry Gidenne and Claire Rogel-Gaillard (abstract)


Clémence DESJARDIN : "Molecular basis of equine osteochondrosis", defended on October 8, advisor Edmond Cribiu
Sandrine LE GUILLOU : "From the miRNome to the role of miR30b: implication of microRNA in the mammary gland." defended on March 20, advisor Edmond Cribiu
Thierry TRIBOUT : "Relevance of genomic selection in a pig sire line breeding scheme", Dissertation (pdf) defended on 1 October, advisors Florence Phocas, Catherine Larzul
 Eloi VERRIER : "Genetic bases for resistance to rhabdovirus and cell response in the rainbow trout: importance of the innate defense mechanisms", dissertation (pdf) defended January 9, advisor Edwige Quillet (GABI) and Pierre Boudinot (VIM), Silver award for 2013 from the French Agriculture academy.
Cédric MEERSSEMAN : "Identification and characterization of bidirectional promoters of the skelettal muscle of the Bos taurus species". Dissertation, Defended 16 December at Limoges, Advisors: D. Rocha, D. Petit.


Pauline BRENAUT : "Functional analysis of the protective mechanisms of the epithelium (mammary gland and intestinal) induced by a protein of the acute phase of the inflammatory reaction: serum amyloïd A3", defended December 4, advisor Patrice Martin
Laurine BUSCARA : "Role of alpha-lactalbumin and the extracellular matrix in the biology of the mammary gland", advisors: Kevin Nicholas (Deakin University, Australie), Fabienne Le Provost  
Coralie DANCHIN-BURGE : "Sustainable management of genetic variability of domestic ruminants: in situe and ex situ approaches"defended November 29
Romain DASSONNEVILLE : "Genomic selection in dairy cattle"defended on September 28, advisors: Didier Boichard and Vincent Ducrocq
Mélanie GUNIA-JAQUOT : "Conception and optimization for a small ruminant selection program in the tropics: the Creole goat from Guadeloupe", dissertation (pdf) defended on May 16, 2012, advisors MANDONNET Nathalie (URZ Guadeloupe), PHOCAS Florence
Bérénice HUQUET : "Modeling and estimation of genotype x environment interactions: a study in dairy cattle", Dissertation (pdf) defended on October 8.
Bruno PASSET : "Contribution to the study of the biological role of the Prion gene family" defended on December 17, advisor: Jean-Luc Vilotte (abstract)
Romain SAINTILAN : "Study of new approaches for selection on feed efficiency in the growing pig and perspectives of implementation" defended on November 9, advisors: Pierre Sellier and Hélène Gilbert
Marc VANDEPUTTE : "Genetic variation of growth and sex ration in the European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax L.) as revealed by molecular pedigrees" Dissertation (pdf) defended on October 4.


Sophie ALLAIS : "Validation and detection of genetic markers involved in beef meat quality in three French beef breeds" Dissertation (pdf), defended on March 4, 2011, advisor: Gilles Renand
Didier BOUCHEL : "Characterization and mapping of caprine genetic resources in Senegal using morphometric indexes and molecular markers" defended on February 1, 2011, advisors: Bernard Bibé (SAGA, Toulouse) and Xavier Rognon (PSGen).
Chi-Sheng CHANG : "A global approach of chicken genetic diversity in Taiwan combining phenotypes and molecular markers" defended on March 24, 2011, advisor: Michèle Tixier-Boichard
Mathieu DIRIBARNE : "Identification of the gene and the causal mutation responsible for the rex train in the rabbit" defended on May 16, 2011, advisor: Gérard Guérin
 Rui HU : "Study of non-classical I genes of the Major Histocompatiblity Complex in pigs" defended on May 13, 2011, advisor: Claire Rogel-Gaillard
Manal KHALIFE : "Study of the biological role of the prion protein and its polybasic region using transcriptomics and transgenic mice" (notice), defended on November 8,  2011, advisor Jean-Luc Vilotte
Richard LE BOUCHER :"Genetics of the use of food of plant origin in fish)", dissertation (pdf) defended on December 16, 2011, advisors Edwige Quillet and Béatrice Chatain
Clotilde PATRY : "Impacts of genomic selection on classical genetic evaluations" dissertation (pdf), defended on December 9,  advisor Vincent Ducrocq, French Animal Production Association 2011 award
Btissam SALMI : "Data integration for pig meat quality traits: meta-analysis and multidimensional analysis" defended on December 2, advisor Jean-Pierre Bidanel
Simon Teyssèdre : "Genetic dissection of traits by linkage disequilibrium analysis: methodological aspects and application to osteochondrosis sensitivity in French trotteurs", dissertation (pdf) defended on November 14, 2011, Advisors: Jean-Michel Elsen, Anne Ricard


Nisrine BOUMAHROU : "Research of intestinotyrophic factors in PRM/Alf mouse milk" defended on November 4, 2010, advisor: Sylvain Bellier & Patrice Martin
Aurélien CAPITAN : "Detection and characterisation of loci involved in horn anomalies in the French Charolais breed" (confidential dissertation), defended on April 2, 2010, advisor: André Eggen
Olympe CHAZARA : "Genetic structural and functional diversity of the MHC in the chicken: implication in disease resistance" defended on March 16, 2009, advisors: Michèle Tixier-Boichard, Bertrand Bed’Hom
Laure GRIMA : "Towards genetic improvement of fish feed utilisation efficiencey" dissertation (pdf), defended on March 24, 2010, advisors: Muriel Mambrini, Béatrice Chatain
Charles PERRIER : "Functionning of anadrome migrating fish metapopulations: applicationto *Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) in the Mont Saint Michel bay and implications for management" defended on December 10, 2010, advisors: Ourry A., Baglinière J.L., Guyomard R.
Andrea RAU : "Reverse engineering gene networks using genomic time-course data" dissertation (pdf) defended in 2010, advisors: Rebecca Doerge, Florence Jaffrezic, Jean-Louis Foulley
Nezha SDASSI : "The role of microRNA in the development of the mammary gland of mice" defended on February 3, 2010, advisor: Fabienne Le Provost


Slim BEN JEMAA : "Fine mapping of female fertility QTL in French dairy cattle". dissertation (pdf) defended on March 5, 2009, advisors: André Eggen, Mathieu Gautier
Alban BOUQUET : "Improvement of the efficiency of beef cattle breeding programmes: towards new genetic evaluation models" dissertation (pdf) defended on September 9, 2009, advisors: Florence Phocas, Gilles Renand
Félicie FAUCON : "Identification, for ruminants, of genes and gene networks involved in differentiation and activity of the mammary gland" dissertation (pdf) defended on March 26, 2009, advisor: Patrice Martin
François GUILLAUME : "Integration of molecular information in genetic evaluation" defended on October 6, 2009, advisors: Didier Boichard, Tom Druet
Guillemette MAROT : "Statistical modelling for the search for differentially expressed genes: variance-covariance, sequential analysis and metaanalysis models"dissertation (pdf) defended on December 11,  2009, advisors: Florence Jaffrezic, Jean-Louis Foulley, Claus-Dieter Mayer


Bouabid BADAOUI : "Polymorphism of AlphaS1 casein and profiling expression in mammary epithelial cells" defended on October 2, 2008(Barcelone), advisor: Marcel Amills (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona), co-advisor: Patrice Martin
Cécile BERTHOULY : "Characterisation of the cattle, buffalo and chicken populations in the northern Vietnames province of Ha Giang" dissertation (pdf) defended on May  23, 2008, advisors: Etienne Verrier, Jean-Charles Maillard
Mylène DUVAL : "Modelisation and estimation of heterogeneous variances in nonlinear mixed models". dissertation (pdf) defended on December 8, 2008, advisors: Jean-Louis Foulley, Christèle Robert-Granier
Jean-Claude FOTSA : "Characterization of local chicken populations (Gallus gallus) in Cameroun" dissertation (pdf) defended on December 16, 2008, advisors: Etienne Verrier, Yacouba Manjeli, André Bordas, Xavier Rognon
Micaela GALLOZZI : "Analysis of the cell-specific role, reproduction and/or propagation of the TSE infectious agents" defended in 2008 (RIVAGE programme), advisor: Jean-Luc Vilote
Bérénice HERSZBERG : "Study of hereditary myopathy by polysaccharide overloading in Cob Normand horses " dissertation (pdf) defended on December 11, 2008, advisor: Gérard Guérin
Zuzana KRUPOVA : "Generic factors that determine milk quality in ewe milk" (Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Science, Slovak Agricultural University of Nitra, Slovaquie), defended on June 5, 2008, advisors: Prof Josef Bulla, Patrice Martin
Hélène LECLERC : "Development of the French dairy cattme testè-day model genetic evaluation and prospects of using results for herd management" dissertation (pdf) defended on December 19, 2008, advisor: Vincent Ducrocq
Grégoire LEROY : "Genetic diversity and breed management in dogs"dissertation (pdf) defended on May 30, 2008, advisors: Xavier Rognon, Etienne Verrier
Florian RAMBOW : "Mechanisms of spontaneous melanoma regression in MeLiM pigs" dissertation (pdf) defended on May 14, 2008, advisors: Patrick Chardon, Encadrement Silvia Vincent-Naulleau
Catherine RUHLMANN : "Towards an international genetic evaluation of horses for jumping performances" defended on November 17, 2008, advisors: Anne Ricard, Eduardo Manfredi, Co-advisor: Gérard Guerin
Florence YTOURNEL : "Linkage desequilibrium and QTL mapping in selected populations" dissertation (pdf) defended on January 28, 2008, advisors: Hélène Gilbert, Didier Boichard


Szilvia BATORINE-KUSZA : "Evolution of MHC genes in mammals" defended in 2007, co-advisor: Claire Rogel-Gaillard (RIVAGE Programme )
Leonardo BIANCHI : "Proteomic approach to sheep milk characterization: experimental udder infection in sheep at different levels of somatic cells" defended on 23/01/2007,  advisor: Prof. Carmen Casoli, co-advisor: Patrice Martin (Università degli Studi di Perugia)
Clotilde DUBOIS : "Optimisation of breeding schemes for the French sports horse" dissertation (pdf) defended on December 6, 2007, advisors: Anne Ricard, Eduardo Manfredi
Anne LAUVIE : "Managing rare local breeds: approach of the diversity of set ups"  dissertation (pdf), defended on June 15, 2007, advisors: Annick Audiot, Etienne Verrier, Silver award from the French Academy of Agriculture in 2008
Valérie LOYWYCK : "Analysis of the within-population genetic diversity and the effective size based on different kinds of information in selected animal populations" dissertation (pdf) defended on December 18, 2007, advisors: Etienne Verrier, Piter Bijma, Marie-Hélène Pinard-van der Laan, Jacques David
Valentina MARIANI : "Analysis of transcriptome modifications in an infection model for porcine dendritic cells by PrV" defended on March 18, 2007, advisor: Elisabetta Giuffra (PTP, Lodi), supervisors: Claire Rogel-Gaillard and Laurence Flori (Programme RIVAGE, University of MIlan, Italy). 
Giulietta MINOZZI : "Characterization of selected chicken lines on immune response: crossbreeding and disease resistance" defended on November 27, 2007,advisors: Marie-Hélène Pinard-van der Laan, Francis Minvielle (RIVAGE Programme )
Adalberto ROSENDO PONCE : "Quantitative and molecular approaches of genetic variability analysis for sow reproduction performances" defended on March 27, mars 2007, advisor: Jean-Pierre Bidanel
Licia SILVERI : "Two different aspects of genomics : the construction of a high-density radiation hybrid map and the study of the involvement of miRNAs in the mammary gland" defended on February 15,  2007, advisors: Lorenzo Morelli, Fabienne Le Provost


Laurianne CANARIO : "Genetic variability for the survival of suckling piglets. Relations with maternal aptitudes of sows" dissertation (pdf) defended on June 7, 2006 advisor: Jean-Pierre Bidanel, Silver award from the French Academy of Acriculture for 2007
Chung-Ming CHANG : "Molecular genetics of pigmentation in chickens: study of the tyrosinase gene and identification of the molecular basis of the "recessive white" mutation" defended on February 6, 2006, advisor: Michèle Tixier-Boichard
Amandine DUCHESNE-COLLARDOT : "Molecular approaches of genetic diseases in ruminants" defended on July 6, 2006, advisor: André Eggen
Szilvia KUSZA : "Expression and polymorphism of porcine SLA-1b genes" defended on October 13, 2006, advisor: Andras Javor, supervisor in France Claire Rogel-Gaillard (RIVAGE Programme, University of Debrecen, Hongary)
Aya Lydie N’DRI : "Genotype by environment interactions in broiler chickens and laying hens" dissertation (pdf) soutenue le 9 mai 2006,direction Sandrine Mignon-Grasteau, MichéleTixier-Boichard


Etienne BEZAULT : "Sex determination in natural populations of Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus : importance of genetic and environmental components" defended on December 5, 2005, advisor: Bernard Chevassus-Au-Louis, Silver award from the French Agriculture Academy in 2006
Céline CHANTRY-DARMON : "Construction of an integrated genetic and cytogenetic map in the European rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus): application to the primo localisation of the rex trait" defended April 29, 2005, advisor: Patrick Chardon, co-advisors: Hélène Hayes and Claire Rogel-Gaillard
Katia CHARLES : "Relations between marine migrating forms and residence of the common trout (Salmo trutta L.): genetic and ecological approaches" defended in 2005.
Rachida HADAOUI-HAMMOUTENE : "STudy of the interactions between caseins at interfaces: a biophysical approach to micelle assembly dynamics" defended on November 28, 2005, advisors: Sylvie Beaufils (CNRS), Patrice Martin (INRA)
Ondrej MALEK : "Molecular analysis of the progression and regression of tumors in the MeLiM model" defended in 2005, co-advisor: Claudine Geffrotin (RIVAG Programme, University of Prague)


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