UMT eBIS: a partnership for bovine genetics



 The UMT eBIS brings together INRAE, IDELE and ALLICE/ELIANCE in a 5-year project to produce knowledge in the field of bovine genome characterization and genetic determinism of traits and to develop methods and tools for selection in this species. This UMT is hosted in the GABI unit in Jouy-en-Josas within the G2B team.


In 2021, the UMT eBIS was certified by the Ministry of Agriculture with a renewed project integrating three main research axes:

(i) genome structure, variability and dynamics, with a strong activity in genome sequencing and annotation for the understanding of its regulations, and the analysis of epigenetic marks;

(2) l’analyse de la variabilité génétique des caractères, avec une priorité sur la santé, l’efficience alimentaire, l’impact environnemental, la tolérance à la chaleur et les anomalies génétiques ;

(3) methods of population management and selection, in particular purebred and crossbred genomic evaluation methods, the use of biological information in genetic evaluation, the management of variability in breeding, the definition of breeding objectives, and the optimization of mating plans.

Involved in various European projects (H2020 Gentore, Bovreg, Rumigen, Eurogenomics consortium) and numerous national projects (including ANR Polypheme, SeqOccIn, Methabreed, ONAB observatory), member of the 1000 bovine genomes consortium, UMT is a key player in bovine genetics and brings together most of the research forces in this field in France.


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