Bioinformatics Unit

The bioinformatics cluster and its activities

The main objective of GABI's bioinformatics division is to support teams in setting up their projects and in carrying them out in the form of collaborations.

It can also be used on an ad hoc basis to support and advise teams on bioinformatics themes and analyses outside the framework of a project. The cluster is also a privileged contact partner to access the services of dedicated platforms.

The cluster maintains professional networks directly involved in bioinformatics analysis and participates in an interdisciplinary animation between bioinformatics and biostatistics through its coupling with the biostatistics pole of the GiBBS team.

In this perspective, the bioinformatics cluster is also a place for meetings and discussions on methods and knowledge in computational biology.


Modification date: 24 October 2023 | Publication date: 07 January 2013 | By: P. Huan