Current theses

List of PhD students and current theses

BERNARD Maria (05/2021-05/2024): "Study of the functional role of the gut microbiota in the adaptation to abiotic stress and in the feed efficiency of laying hens using a multi-omics approach." GiBBS Team. Supervisors:  T. Zerjal (GiBBS), F. Calenge (GeMS), G. Pascal (INRAE Toulouse)

BESNARD Florian (06/2021-06/2024) : "The study on the mortality of young cattle within the cattle sector, in particular in dairy cattle." G2B Team. Supervisors : S. Mattalia, D. Boichard, A. Capitan

BRULIN Louise (02/2022-01/2025) : "Contribution of microbiota data in cattle on the prediction of traits in the host." Supervisors : J. Estellé-Fabrellas (GeMS), P. Croiseau (G2B)

DIMITROVA Simone  (06/2021-05/2025) :  "Kin selection and genetic Improvement of the Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia Illucens)." Supervisor : Florence Phocas (GenAqua)

DUFOUR Adrien (02/2021-01/2024) :  "Prediction of Cellular Pluripotency States by Single-Cell Multi-Omics Data and its Application for Ex Vivo Phenotyping of Health Traits." Team GaLaC : Supervisors : H. Acloque

FOUERE Corentin (11/2022-10/2025) : "Characterization of transgenerational epigenetic effects in cattle and their genetic component (GenEpi Project)." G2B Team, Supervisors : M. BOUSSAHA et C.HOZE

FRESCO Solène (04/2022-03/2025) : "Genetic analysis of methane emissions from dairy cows: improving knowledge and proposing an assessment." G2B Team, Supervisors: D. Boichard, P. Martin

JANSSEUNE Samuel (09/2021-08/2025) : "Postbiotic from two strains of Lactobacilli in broiler feed: composition and effects on performance, immunity and health." GeMS Team, Supervisors:  M-H. Pinard-van der Laan, F. Calenge 

JOURDAIN Jeanlin (07/2021-07/2024) : "Identification and characterization of mutations affecting male fertility, female fertility and gestation period in cattle by exploiting population-based databases." G2B Team, Supervisors : D. Boichard, A. Capitan

KISTLER Tristan (01/2022-12/2024) : "Multitrait selection breeding plans for honey bees (Apis Mellifera): design and efficiency." GenAqua Team, Supervisor: F. Phocas

KO Jeong Hwan (10/2023 – 09/2026) : "Integration of paired multi-omics data at scale." MIAT/GiBBS Team. Supervisors: A. Rau, N. Vialaneix (INRAE MIAT)

KROGER Carl (01/04/2024-31/03/2027) : "Structure génétique et épigénétique spatiale des populations des races locales de poules". Encadrants : Gwendal Restoux & Tatiana Zerjal

PAZ Angèle (01/2024-12/2027) : "The fight against genetic doping in horses". BIGE team. Supervisor E. Barrey, P. Garcia (LCH) 

PETY Solène (11/2023-10/2026) "Hologenomic methods to take into account the host microbiota in genetic evaluations" GiBBS/MaIAGE team. Supervisors :  A. Rau, M. Mariadassou (MaIAGE), I. David (GenPhySE)

RACANATI Alice  (12/2023-11/2026) : "Genetic determinism of vaccine response and caecal microbiota composition in free-range hens." Supervisors : F. Calenge/M.H. Pinard Van deer Lan (GeMS)  

SHISHMANI Ervin (1/02/2024-31/01/2025) : "Insights into the genomic regulation of procine skeletal muscle accross development." Encadrant E.GIUFFRA

SHOKOR Fatima (10/2022-09/2025) : "Use of deep learning algorithms for genomic prediction and support for breeding objectives." G2B Team. Supervisors:  B.CASTRO DIAS/P.CROISEAU

SIMON Marie (01/2023-12/2025) : "Communication by mammary extracellular vesicles: from their biological function to their role as vectors of pollutants such as metal nanoparticles." GaLaC Team. Supervisor : A. BURTEY

SORIN Valentin (11/2023-10/2026) : "Deciphering the phenotypic variations of the three ruminant species and understanding their evolution using pangenomes." G2B/GenPhySE Team. Supervisors : M. Boussaha, G.Tosser-Klopp 

THOMAS Valentin (09/2023-08/2026) : "Genetic Determinism and Disease Resistance Mechanisms in Rainbow Trout." GenAqua Team. Supervisors : D. Lallias, F. Phocas

TOMILINA Ekaterina (10/2022-09/2025) : "Copula Models for the Inference of Multi-Omics Regulatory Networks." GiBBS Team; Supervisor : F. JAFFREZIC

VINET Aurélie (10/2020-09/2023) : "Analysis of the genetic determinism of heat tolerance in cattle and induced genotype x environment interactions." G2B Team. Supervisors : D. BOICHARD, B. CUYABANO

XIE Sihan (12/2023-11/2026): "The aim is to develop a generative GAN model to simulate artificial genotype data, thus enriching a database (genotypes - phenotypes) with a view to later training a deep learning model for phenotype prediction." BIGE team. Supervisor: E. BARREY

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