Genomics, Biodiversity, Bioinformatics, Statistics Team

Team leaders: Xavier Rognon and Tatiana Zerjal


Expertises : Population genetics and genomics; methods for in situ and ex situ management of genetic resources; animal experimentation; biostatistics; data analysis; bioinformatics.

Overall activities  

The team leads research in genetics, bioinformatics and biostatistics methods, by associating these with real problems and applied studies performed by our team or via partnerships.


Outstanding results 

  • Organization of a seminar on "Deep Learning in Genomics"
  • Regeneration Rosetta: a web application for "Gene expression and chromatin accessibility"
  • Diversity and genetic progress in dairy cattle using ROH (2019)

Scientific questions 

1- Biodiversity, genetic resources and population genetics
Our studies cover all fields associated with genetic diversity and genetic resources. We are involved in the characterization of the diversity of different species, enhancement and management of endangered breeds and large-herd breeds in connection with genomic selection and cryoconserved resources. Finally, we are involved in international cooperation networks, in conjunction with the FAO.

2- Biostatistics and bioinformatics
Our work in biostatistics and bioinformatics have two focuses. (1) We develop methods (Bayesian statistics, network inferences, multivariate methods), software and "pipelines" (Variant calling, annotation, SV detection) for analysis of xomic data and their interpretation. (2) We provide support and counseling in statistics and bioinformatics for biologists, within the unit and beyond.

3-Animal experimentation and experimental animal lines
Experiments on poultry (chickens and quails) are performed as part of a long-term selection experiment on feed efficiency, egg production and adaptation capacity. The team maintains a large number of chicken populations for their biological and genetic importance. All these populations are used as models in functional or population genomics studies.

Research tools

  • National databases and data collected on the field
  • Poultry experimental farm (PEAT, Nouzilly).
  • The Biological Resources Center (CRB-CRB-Anim, an infrastructure project).


  • Europe: Image project on cryopreservation infrastructures; GenResBridge project on genetic resources of animals, plants and forests.
  • Europe, Taiwan: Population genomics and genetics studies on poultry (chicken, quail)
  • Africa, India: Population genetic studies on local populations (cattle, chickens, guinea fowl)
  • USA: Biostatistics, Integration and visualization of data.

Member of the following doctoral school: ABIES (Agriculture, Biology, Environment, Health)
Member of the University Paris-Saclay

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