MIMA2 Microscopy Tray

The Transmission Electron Microscopy service of the MIMA2 multi-site imaging platform



Transmission electron microscopy tray, 2D analysis and 3D reconstruction capability on 1 HITACHI 7700 electron microscope.


Ultra-structural analysis of the cell and its organelles. 

Electron microscopy makes it possible to go down to the scale of cellular organelles, but it is no longer a question of living material. In the case of the transmission electron microscope, tissue sections are observed, whereas in the scanning electron microscope the sample appears in volume. This is how the structure and evolution of gels, foams or emulsions are revealed, unless one prefers to study the interactions between bacteria and their support, for example.  So-called cryo techniques, which are much more difficult to implement than conventional fixation, nevertheless improve the preservation of certain molecules (such as proteins for immunostaining localizations) and the immobilization of ions for elemental microanalyses in sections (iron, calcium, etc.).

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The MIMA2 platform (Microscopy and Imaging of Microorganisms, Animals and Food) brings together complementary equipment offering the possibility of working from the nanoscopic scale to the whole animal, on live, pathogenic, or prepared samples. 

It is widely open to external collaborations on other topics of study.

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